Saints Of The Day

St. George

If Mary Magdalene was the victim of misunderstanding, George is the object of a vast amount of imagination.

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St. Adalbert of Prague

Opposition to the Good News of Jesus did not discourage Adalbert, who is now remembered with great honor in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

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St. Anselm

Indifferent toward religion as a young man, Anselm became one of the Church's greatest theologians and leaders.

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St. Conrad of Parzham

His parents, Bartholomew and Gertrude Birndorfer, lived near Parzham, Bavaria. In those days this region was recovering from the Napoleonic wars.

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St. Gianna Beretta Molla

She was born in Magenta (near Milano) as the 10th of Alberto and Maria Beretta’s 13 children.

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St. Bernadette Soubirous

Poor Bernadette, indeed. The uneducated French peasant who first reported visions of Mary in Lourdes

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Blessed Caesar de Bus

Caesar de Bus struggled with the decision about what to do with his life. After completing his Jesuit education he had difficulty settling between a military and a literary career.

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Blessed Peter Gonzalez

St. Paul had a conversion experience on the road to Damascus. Many years later, the same proved true for Peter Gonzalez

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St. Martin I

When Martin I became pope in 649, Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire and the patriarch of Constantinople was the most influential Church

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St. Crescentia Hoess

Crescentia was born in 1682 in a little town near Augsburg, the daughter of a poor weaver. She spent play time praying in the parish church, assisted those even poorer than herself and had so mastered the truths

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