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Grace Ministry is committed to helping and serve you.
You can contact us via telephone, email or even by post. 

For inquiries and assistance, visit the Grace Ministry office from Monday to Saturday from 10:30AM to 4:00PM.

Registered Office:-

Grace Ministry Mangalore
Old bypass road,
Mangalore - 575002
Karnataka, South India


We look forward hearing from you,

Telephone: +91 9900611485 | 9900488302



Toll-Free Number: Contact and Connect Globally

07400130765 and Dial 761377# (Toll-free is available only on Monday and Friday at 7:00AM (IST)

Know more about the Ministry Toll-free - CONNECT


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Visit our prayer Center: 

Near Srinivas College,
Mangalore - 574143
Karnataka, India

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