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Healing Oil

Grace Ministry in Mangalore is a well-known Charismatic prayer retreat and counselling centre and one of the main features of this ministry is the powerful “Healing Oil” which has touched many lives both in India and in overseas as well. The Bible, in the Old Testament, states thatGod in His mercy ordained the anointing oil to bless His people but in today’s fast packed commercial world it is difficult for one to understand so as to what and how the anointed oil can be of use to one’s self.

To simplify this theory, Grace Ministry shares from the Bible so as to how the anointing oil speaks of Christ and His finished work and understanding this concept will give an in-depth to God’s supernatural provision of health, wholeness and supply to one’s needs.

Yokes Destroyed…Burdens lifted and Lives transformed: 

The Bible in Isaiah 10:27 states “ It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from his neck and the yoke [satanic bondage] will be destroyed because of the anointing oil. The word “his” in the above verse refers to the Assyrians, who were Israel’s enemies at that point in time.

Many a time there are situations when one is stressed out and the mind is full of tension and worries and maybe after a quarrel or a moment of strife, one can sense a weight on one’s shoulders. Today, this weight on one’s shoulders represents the spirit of the anti-Christ or of Satan who seeks to oppress you.

In reality, a yoke is placed around the neck of an ox in order to pull the cart. Likewise, Satan wants to put a yoke on your neck to drag you wherever he wants you to go. For instance, if one is addicted to nicotine, Satan tells you, “You cannot but smoke. I’ve got you where I want you.” This is a direct temptation from him and to sin. But the one aspect that can destroy the yoke is the anointing oil.

Grace Ministry clearly states that the “Anointed oil” is a direct source of power from the Holy Spirit as it is directly involved through its power from God to destroy the evil powers and bondage of Satan.

The Bible clearly states that the yoke would be destroyed and not broken. There is a very clear difference between these two words. When something is broken, it can be repaired but when something is destroyed it goes beyond repair. The anointing oil with the power of the Holy Spirit will clearly destroy every evil power and bondage which has been formed by Satan.

The creation of the Healing oil at Grace Ministry

The Anointing Oil is also spiritually called the Healing oil at Grace Ministry. It is a mighty gift from the Living God to a wonderful couple of Bro Andrew Richard & Sis Hanna. They had spent 40 days in fasting and in prayer and then they received this gift from God.

The testimony of Sis Hanna goes like this,

She had lost all her physical strength during this period of fasting and added to that she also started losing her hair. This brought much pain and agony and she cried bitterly and prayed to the Lord. The Lord in His kindness and Mercy spoke to her “My beloved daughter, do not worry about your hair. Just bring some oil and I will bless it. Apply the same and you will receive the healing of your hair. She did so accordingly and thus regained her hair growth. Sis Hanna still continues to praise and thank the Mighty Living God for this wonderful gift to her.

After a few weeks, Sis Hanna and Bro Andrew Richard were inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit, and they started to use this Anointed Oil on the sick and the needy. God in His mercy and compassion showered His blessings and many miracles took place along with the transformation of lives, in faith, it was Jehovah Rophe “God our healer” (Ex. 15:26), heals without any delay.

This Anointed oil thus ministered to the sick and the needy and the miracles and healings were a direct blessing from God. The same has been spread to the world through Grace Ministry Media vide T.V programs, YouTube channel, prayer service and retreats and most importantly by word of mouth.

There are numerous situations wherein doctors had given up hope of life and medical reports which showed a negative result, have been healed and are still alive as living testimonies on this earth.

There are many cases where doctors have confirmed women with barren wombs but God in His mercy has blessed such couples with the gift of a child through the Healing oil. 

To buy the Healing oil post a message to our WhatsApp Number +91 9900611485 stating "I NEED HEALING OIL" and our team will get back to you.


Let us Pray:

Dear Father in heaven, by itself this bottle of oil is just an oil but I ask you, Father, that through the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, let this oil be consecrated and blessed thereby transforming it as an Anointing oil so as it be used for your glory.

The Bible in Mark 6:13 and in James 5:14 states that whomsoever applied the healing oil were healthy, strong, youthful and sickness and disease were far from them.

Father, I pray that as this oil is set apart right now for holy and consecrated purposes, may it bring down your glory and power.

May it be used to turn darkness into light, scarcity into abundance, sickness into healing and let there be a wonderful restoration and fruitfulness in our lives.

Father, I pray in praise and thanks for having transformed this oil as a Holy and Anointed oil, in the mighty name of Jesus…Amen.


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