Grace Ministry - Ministry Overview

Ministry Overview

We believe that the Word of God goes forth and always does what it has been sent to do and that is - 'Transform lives'. So there are many ministerial activities that are centered around the teaching of the Word that happens at Grace Ministry. All these ministries are growing rapidly day by day and thereby touching more and more people.

The various ministries that have been envisioned by Bro Andrew Richard include:

Counselling Ministry:

Counselling and intercession are done regularly to help and equip people who are in problems and difficulties. One can avail counselling through e-mail, letters, telephone and personal meeting by appointment. The mission of the Grace Ministry Counseling Center is to walk with you every step of the way as you seek spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Our programs include:

One-on-one Counseling
Family Counseling (Children and Youth)
Marriage Counseling
Spiritual Growth Groups

Esther Women's Welfare Ministry:

Esther ministry is the social wing of Grace Ministry introduced by Sis Hanna Richard to Provide encouragement, comfort, and support for old aged women and widows. The Esther Women’s Ministry Home extends the helping and supporting hand in uplifting and the empowerment of the downtrodden, handicapped, poor, dumb, deaf, abandoned woman. As an initiative, the Home provides food, clothing and possible monetary to all woman at Esther Home. More importantly, the kind touch, the love, and the affection have made these women live a simple, peaceful and happy life.
Slum Ministry:

GRACE MINISTRY has been a hand of hope to help the people of the slum to overcome their basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter.
We target the slum areas and do our bit for helping THEM for their upliftment. We have provided the hungry slum dwellers provisional items, also distribute books and toys to the needy kids. We also conduct various camps, with the aim of the upliftment of all the children. Any sort of basic amenity that a normal person would require is hoped to be given to every person under our reach.

Eunuchs Ministry:

Eunuchs Ministry is a Challenging Ministry. We believe that you may understand about eunuchs these people are neither male nor female. Grace Ministry is committed to serving more than 30 Eunuchs by providing provisional and financial support every month to their respected homes in Mangalore.

Letter Ministry:

A monthly Letter titled "VOICE OF GRACE" is being published every month. It contains uplifting articles & revelation truths from the Word of God. Click here to subscribe

Faith Building resources:

The teachings of Bro Andrew Richard are available as DVDs, CDs (Video, Audio and MP3 formats) and modern media.

Media Ministry:
Bro Andrew hosts a TV show, Blessing Time ®, which broadcasts on the coastal wing to a potential audience of half a million people.