Womens Devotion

Women's Devotion - In the Middle of Distractions

Have you been too distracted to see God’s glory? Sometimes the reason for our struggling season is that we need to be humbled enough to see Him. When the enemy has stripped me of my sanity, God shows up and shows off.

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Women's Devotion - Living Like a Chosen Woman

This personal chosen status means we enjoy the most intimate, privileged and joyful relationship with the One our hearts have been longing for all this time. This union with Jesus became possible because He rescued us from sin by dying for us.

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Women's Devotion - Come and Rest

When Jesus sent His disciples off on a specific ministry assignment in Mark 6:7-11, He didn’t shield them from the fact that their journey would not be particularly easy. People would refuse to listen to them, much less give them hospitality.

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Women's Devotion - A cracked wall

The first cracks in your wall aren’t a problem. Your heart races a little as you take the first inappropriate glance or the small amount of money that no one will miss. Your sense of entitlement grows, and your walls feel impenetrable.

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Sis Hanna Richard Women's Devotion - Stand Firm in Freedom

We receive freedom from our sins and bondages when we accept Jesus as the Lord of our lives. But that is just the beginning of our new life. We must be diligent to guard our hearts from worldly attacks.

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Sis Hanna Richard Women's Devotion - Waiting on God

Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. We will grow stronger and have a deeper connection with God. It is better to wait upon God than calling quits.

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Sis Hanna Richard Women's Devotion - Healing God

Our God is a Healing God He will heal our wounds, both physical and emotional. Maybe we were looked upon by some, but God will lift us up and re-build our lives. The God of Israel is our God too.

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Sis Hanna Richard Devotion - Jesus is Love

Win people to God through love. Never lose someone with an argument but win them through the love of God shed abroad in your heart, the abiding kind of love. Ask God to give you grace to love people in your lives just as God would.

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Sis Hanna Richard Devotion - You are Precious to God

Your life is very precious and remembered before God. Don’t lose heart. God is more faithful and favorable than any father or husband.

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Sis Hanna Richard Devotion - Life eternal through Jesus

The gift that Jesus has given us is the gift of eternal life, a life where there is no more pain or sorrow or tears, a life that will be spent in heaven for ever and ever. 

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