Saints Of The Day

Saint of the Day Online - St Marculf

St Marculf is also known as Marcoul. His feast day is May 1. He died on May 1, 558, in the Îles Saint-Marcouf off the east coast of the Cotentin Peninsula.  

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Saint of the Day Online - St. Zita

St. Zita, her feast day is celebrated on April 27. Zita was born into a poor but holy Christian family.  St Zita was busy with visits to the sick and those in prison, ministering them God's word.

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Saint of the Day Online - St Cletus

St. Cletus whose name "Cletus" in Ancient Greek means "one who has been called," and "Anacletus" means "one who has been called back." Also "Anencletus" 

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Saint of the Day Online - John Baptist de la Salle

St John Baptist de la Salle was born at Rheims, France on April 30th. He was the eldest of ten children in a noble family.

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Saint of the Day Online - St. Venturino of Bergamo

St. Venturino of Bergamo a native of Bergamo, Italy joined the Dominicans in 1319 and soon distinguished himself as a brilliant preacher, attracting huge crowds throughout northern Italy.

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Saint of the day online : St Rupert

St Rupert a Bishop and missionary, also listed as Robert of Hrodbert. A member of a noble Frankish family, he was appointed bishop of Worms and Germany.

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Saint of the Day online - St. Lea

St. Lea, a devout fourth-century widow. Upon the death of her husband, she retired to a Roman monastery and ultimately became its Superior. Her feast day is March 22.

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Saint of the day online - St. Enda

St. Enda an Irish saint lived near the River Shannon. He decided to become a monk and went on a pilgrimage to Rome, where he was ordained.

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Saint of the Day Online - St. Patrick

St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world's most popular saints. He was born in Roman Britain and when he was fourteen or so, he was captured by Irish pirates. 

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Saint of the day online - Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

St Matilda was the daughter of Count Dietrich of Westphalia and Reinhild of Denmark. Her feast day is celebrated in the catholic church on March 14th.

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