Devotions for Women: What Not to Do When You Feel Like "A Woman Scorned"

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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is a phrase you may have heard.

While this phrase can exemplify gender stereotypes in a negative way, it is true for all humans that when we are hurt our natural response is anger, indignation, and it can be a struggle to find room in our hearts to forgive.

I know when I start feeling “wronged” by my husband, I start answering his questions with cold one-word answers, I shoot annoyed glares his way, and when he finally asks what is wrong I tend to angrily unload my frustration on him.

Despite knowing that my “go to” responses to frustrating situations help no one in our home, it is a struggle to not let anger and resentment harden my heart.

Pausing to evaluate our feelings first, is a better way to handle the moments when we feel hurt, unseen, or betrayed by our partners. When we just let our reflex of anger drive our conversations, we only end up adding insult to injury.

Taking a moment to pause and pray can help us find a better path forward in our relationships that hopefully leads to healing and reconciliation.
Is This Phrase in the Bible?

No, this phrase is not in the Bible. This saying originates from The Mourning Bride, a tragic play by English playwright William Congreve from 1697. The whole line actually reads “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

This phrase has been interpreted to mean that a woman who has felt rejected or betrayed can be a powerful force of anger.

Here are a few ideas of what not to do when you feel scorned by your significant other.