Devotions for Women: 7 Ways to Replace Envy with Joy for Friends

Devotions for Women


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Friends are people who are placed in our lives as extended family. They are with us through trials and tribulations. They're there for fun times, to extend advice. A friend is someone you can be your authentic self with. They are someone you can trust and someone who trusts you. They provide companionship to help avoid loneliness. Friends wear many hats and play many roles. So it would seem preposterous to envy their good fortune, right? Well, unfortunately, this happens more often than not. Sometimes it's a conscious thing done for different reasons. Other times it's done subconsciously. Whether we want to admit it or not, we've all glared at a friend with the green-eyed monster for something, knowing that we shouldn't have. When anything good occurs in a friend's life, it should be celebrated by other friends with a pure heart and a clear mind. If you find yourself struggling with being envious of a friend's prosperity, look at the list below to discover simple ways to replace envy with joy.