Daily Devotion

Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - Jesus is the Rock

Jesus is the rock who is high above your circumstances. When you call on Him, He will be with you. Know that Jesus is the rock and salvation of our life.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord always Again I will say, rejoice ! The apostle Paul urges us to "rejoice in the Lord." But Do we rejoice when thing turn against us? 

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - Strength from God

How to find strength from God ? He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. God does not expect us to move in our own strength.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - The Battle is the Lord's

Stop fighting all your battles on your own and seek God’s help and direction for your life. Victory will be your’s if the battle belongs to the Lord.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - Forget the past

Forget the past because the past is a strange place. No matter how good or bad the past was, we cannot live the abundant life by dwelling in the past.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - Grace of God

The grace of God is the silver lining amidst the dark shadows of our lives. We cannot try to merit God’s grace but we can rest in his presence.  

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Bro Andrew Richard's Devotion : Sowing and Reaping

Sowing and Reaping, Think about the types of seeds you have been sowing. Are you sowing encouragement, blessing? Then that’s what you’ll reap in the future.

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Bro Andrew Richard's Devotion : God of Seasons

Through All The Seasons our God Is Loving and Powerful. God has set up seasons in our lives. There are plowing seasons. There are planting seasons. 

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Bro Andrew Richard's Devotion : Power of Faith

Power of Faith is the prerequisite for a blessing or a miracle. Come to Jesus with faith. Show Him how much you love Him despite your worst case scenario.

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Bro Andrew Richard's Devotion : Power of God's word

Hearing God’s word and not doing it is like a person who built his house without a foundation. If we hear God’s word we shall stay strong.

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