Daily Devotion

Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: God’s Warning About Relationships

You and I should be intentional about how we relate to non-Christians. With different beliefs and values, they may lead us astray whether they mean to or not.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: Living Clean in a Tainted World

When Adam and Eve listened to Satan in the garden of Eden, the world was invaded by sin, and we’ve been battling it ever since. Over time, our world has become morally and spiritually contaminated.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: Go to the Ant

If you’ve ever battled ants in your kitchen, you might describe them as stubborn. But to someone struggling to stay on course, these tiny creatures seem determined, or even inspiring. 

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: Holding Fast to Our Convictions

It’s easy to hold firm to our beliefs when we’re with like-minded people in church. But if we’re among people who doubt or disagree with Christianity, we need courage to stand up for the truth of God’s Word.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: The Power of Jesus’ Name

Christ sits at the right hand of God, where He intercedes for us.


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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: When Our Lonely Places Become Sacred Spaces

Loneliness strikes when we’re left alone in our struggles, but it also shows up when our struggles leave us feeling alone.


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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: Valley of Blessing

As we worship God along life’s winding path, He moves in ways we can’t accomplish alone. 

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: How to Amaze Jesus

If it takes the newest and shiniest trends to amaze modern humans, how much does it require to amaze God? Surely, it’s unimaginably more!

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: The Prince of Peace

To hate, to discriminate against those who look different, who talk different, who have different national backgrounds, or who act differently from the dominant group, is a universal trait of human nature.

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Bro Andrew Richard Devotion: The God Who Rescues Us

When we tell people that God wants to save them, they may immediately wonder why rescue is necessary. In their mind, they are in no immediate danger and therefore have no need of a Savior. 

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