Bro Andrew Richard Daily Devotion - You are in safe hands

Daily Devotion - You are in safe hands


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He has given food to those who fear Him; He will ever be mindful of His covenant. Psalm 111:5

Before we go any further in dwelling on how faithful and promise-keeping our GOD is, let us hum this Song in our hearts, “ Our GOD is an Awesome GOD He Reigns from Heaven Above with wisdom, Power and Love, Our God is an Awesome GOD”. Sometimes when we are lost of words, to express how deeply we are in awe of our GOD and HIS Character, songs like this come to our aid.

Truly, this verse from Psalm 111:5 is a written proof of what is the nature of our GOD, “ He is mindful of HIS Covenant”  our GOD is mindful, HE is responsible, HE is Watchful, HE heeds to our requests,  because, HE has a covenant with us, through the blood of HIS SON JESUS. A blood covenant indeed.

Our situations may fail us, our attitude may fail us, Our finances may fail us, Our friends and relatives may fail us, but our GOD will never fail us. If you have trusted GOD today for betterment in your life, be rest assured that GOD will be mindful of HIS promise to you, despite your weakness and inability to hold strong at times.

As we seek in prayer and wait for answers, let us Trust in the Character of our LORD. Amen.