Escape from Suicidal thoughts - Survivor tells his story

Suicidal thoughts


I worked in Saudi Arabia for more than 2 years and everything was going good, but all of a sudden there was heavy conflict in the company and fear emerged inside me. I had a sleepless night, I couldn’t work, my life was completely in darkness.

I was attacked and possessed by the spirit of Suicide. I was often getting suicidal thoughts. God delivered me through Grace Ministry Mangalore.


Every night I had horror dreams and there was a voice inside which said I will surely kill you, believe it or not for more than five times I attempted to suicide, but each time I was somehow rescued or saved in the hospital, and then later I realized that it was the hand of God which has saved me. I couldn't stay much long in Saudi Arabia, therefore, I left my job and came back to India, but even here I was lead to do the same, the devil was tormenting me so badly that I couldn't  survive longer.

Finally through one my close friend I came to know about Bro Andrew Richard of Grace Ministry, I did not waste much time, I attended the prayers of Bro Andrew and he prayed for me earnestly and that was the last night for all the weapons that the devil had framed against my life, the same night I had a wonderful sleep which I never expected.

The suicide spirits that were tormenting me flew away that same night and now am completely delivered from the clutches of the devil. Now am back to Saudi Arabia with a new job and a new life. Glory to God.