Mangalore: "Special News" Newspaper writes on Grace Ministry, and it's charitable activities.

Special News | Newspaper article about Grace Ministry.


"Special News," a fortnight newspaper of Mangalore writes about Grace Ministry about its mission of charity by helping the poor and needy through its charitable works. 

A special edition of the regional newspaper, printed between regular editions, made their kind gesture towards Grace Ministry by publishing the generous deeds upheld by our charitable organisation periodically, which has transformed many lives into a better one.

The newspaper specifically emphasised on the various events and programmes conducted by the organisation. The highlights of the news column included the following:

*Education is a fundamental right of every individual in the world. Often children are deprived of education due to poverty, natural calamities, lack of employment and war zones etc. We are providing partial or full aid to necessitous students, who are not in a position to continue their education because of financial crisis and the areas of contribution include admission fees, textbooks, tuition fee, exam/hostel fee, uniforms, backpacks, school supplies and their stationery items. About 67 students ( age group ranging from class 1 to graduate courses) are availing the scholarship under the Grace Ministry organisation.

*Esther ministry is another social wing of Grace Ministry introduced by the organisation to provide encouragement, comfort, and support for geriatric women and widows in India. The organisation extends it’s helping and supporting hand in the empowerment of the oppressed and poor widows. As an initiative, the charitable home provides food, clothing and possible monetary contribution and most importantly, the kind touch, the love, and the affection which, have made these women live a simple, peaceful and happy life.

*Sanitation is one of an essential aspect of human well-being. Globally, around 800 children die every day due to diseases related to lack of sanitation and hygiene. Cleanliness is a vital piece of health and a fundamental right of every individual for better living. Grace ministry organisation has financially supported an individual in constructing restrooms in his house after 15 years of his struggle and made way for healthy living to his family.

*Earning a good living is essential in this era, as unemployment has caused much damage in our society through various means. Grace ministry organisation has successfully extended their support to a person in buying an auto-rickshaw, to earn his living.

Many such ministry highlights were listed in the newspaper’s special edition, to encourage the social events conducted by the organisation and a thorough appraisal was also published.