Help Darshan(14) for his major treatment of Aplastic Anemia

Darshan - Aplastic Anemia (Acquired) Severe


Help Darshan (14) from Bhadravathi, Shimoga who is currently suffering from Aplastic Anemia (Acquired) Severe. Share him an helping hand and save him.


14 Year old Dharshan from Bhadravathi, Shimoga is suffering from Aplastic Anemia (Acquired) Severe which is heartbreaking and makes us wonder how people find strength in tough situations. The peaceful life of the family changed overnight when Darshan was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia

Darshan was brought to Mangaluru KMC Attavar Hospital, but the Doctors said they cannot start the treatment unless and until the initial advance amount is paid, therefore Darshan’s parents are back to home without any treatment due to financial problem.

The estimated cost of the Aplastic Anemia treatment would be as high as Rs.4,00,000. Darshan and their family are not in a position to raise such a huge amount. 

How Can You Help Darshan:

As his parents are finding it difficult to raise that kind of money, they have requested for monetary help from kind-hearted individuals and philanthropists. Darshan’s family are trying their best to raise the funds but the amount is huge and the expenses are high. Time is very crucial and your timely help can help the young boy.

Kindly send your remittances to his following Bank account:

Bank Account No.: 014700101042544
Name of the Account Holder: Darshan M
Bank: Corporation Bank,
147 Bhadravathi – Jannapur,
NTB – 403, Silver Jubilee Road,
Jannapur, Bhadravathi – 577303
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0000147
Telephone No.: +91 97414 50979


#810 5th Cross Veerappa Road, Zink Line, Bhadravati 577301

*Funds collected through this campaign will be transferred to the family to expedite the process and continue the treatment.