Join Bless Belgaum Prophetic Prayer on May 25, 2018

Bless Belgaum Prophetic Prayer 2018


Join "Bless Belgaum Prophetic Prayer" held in Belgaum, Karnataka on May 25, 2018, organized by Grace Ministry Bro Andrew Richard. Enjoy quality time together as you encounter God like never before.


The Prophetic conference is held in Belgaum to equip God’s children with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The revitalizing word of God and the exemplary lives lived by the ancient prophets are pondered upon and examined to reflect the qualities of a true prophet.  

Do you need the double portion anointing as Elisha received? Do you wish to deliver the nation by pronouncing God’s plans over its rulers and the people?

Bro Andrew Richard will contribute to your Spiritual growth leading you in the Holy Spirit thorugh his propehtic word of God.

If you're looking for refreshment and a faith-building family experience, you've found your place with us! Spend this summer vacation in a community of like-minded believers, and enjoy quality time together as you encounter God like never before.

Find out how to walk in God's  promises of health and wholeness,  both physically and emotionally. Learn how to operate in faith and how to minister healing to others in everyday life.

What you can expect to experience at the conference:

    Miracles in abundance
    Physical, emotional, and supernatural healings
    Faith and how to operate in it
    Teaching on how to minister healing to others
    Faith-filled prayer that works
    Encounters with the Healer—Jesus


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