Sis Hanna Richard Devotion - God Loves Righteousness

God Loves Righteousness


God is righteous and so are His works. He loves people who are righteous. He takes great delight in works of righteousness.

For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright. Psalm 11:7

God is righteous and so are His works.  He loves people who are righteous.  He takes great delight in works of righteousness.  His face always beholds the upright.  He takes care of those who do things that He takes pleasure in.

Since God is a righteous Lord, we also should be righteous.  He shuns evil and does not want His people doing things of darkness or things that do not please Him.  Job was a righteous man, and he shunned evil on purpose.  Joseph was a righteous person.  He did not give up on God even when things were not right with him.  He was tempted but stood his ground.  He did not want to sin against God.  He valued godly values and principles in his life.  God never forgets anyone who is upright even in the face of adversity.  He blesses everyone who honours Him and stands for Him boldly on His word.  He upholds and protects them.  His face is always upon such people to guide them.

If you desire that God should protect you and honour and take care of you, shun evil and follow righteousness.  Let us commit ourselves to do what is right before God.  In this world which is so full of temptations and sin, it is a challenge to live a godly life based on God’s word.  Well, if Jesus could live in this world and yet be sinless, we can too.  Ask God to be with you and to strengthen you in every aspects of your life.  Let His face be ever upon you.

Sis Hanna Richard