When it is Impossible

Has God given you a promise ?


“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” Matthew 19:26

Has God given you a promise, but it seems utterly impossible that it will be fulfilled in your life? Perhaps it was a word God gave you several years back, that you’ve been clinging on to. Do you wonder if it will truly come to pass? The Bible records quite a few people who had similar thoughts. Abraham and Sarah wondered how God could give them a son when they were past childbearing years. Mary, a virgin, wondered how she could possibly give birth to the Messiah.

And yet, in both these impossible situations, God came through. He made a promise and He kept it. The truth is, if it was a possible situation, we would not believe it was only God who had done it. It is only natural to take some credit, or share it with someone else who helped you along. But if it is an impossible situation that only God can do something about, He alone gets all the glory.

“When something is no longer possible and God turns up, then only he can get the glory. The more impossible it seems, the more possible it is that God is just about to show up and show off.”

So, if you are faced with an impossible situation, and you have God’s Word to back you up, don’t lose hope. Keep doing what you have to do, and keep trusting God… for nothing is impossible with Him!

Bro.Andrew Richard