Hold on to Jesus

Get to enjoy the journey


Jesus hold my handEver had to walk down a muddy, slippery path with a shoe that had no grip? It’s nearly impossible to take proper steps without slipping and sliding along every few minutes. That’s probably the reason trekkers wear sturdy boots and carry a stick to lean on when the path becomes tricky. They also travel in groups, or at least pairs, so they can help each other should the need arise.

We might have to walk several long, winding, slippery slopes in our lifetime. We may face seasons of physical agony, emotional turmoils, or even financial trouble. Unless we are prepared beforehand, we will not be equipped to walk steadily through those tumultuous times. We need to ready our minds with the Word of God, ingesting as much as we can to make it sturdy for the rough terrain. We must have godly friends we can lean on, so they can support us in our difficult times.

And above all, we must have a constant, intimate relationship with God. It is the knowledge of His unfailing love for us that will keep our faith upright when everything else around us seems to be slipping. When we walk hand in hand with Jesus, we have everything we need. Even if we happen to slip a little, He will tighten His grip on our hands and keep us from falling. If at some point we’ve left His hand, He is still faithful to pick us up after our fall and get us back on our feet.

Hold on to Jesus, and allow Him to do the leading. Not only will you safely reach the end of your road, you will also get to enjoy the journey!

Bro.Andrew Richard