Bro Andrew Richard's new Devotional - The Right Way

Daily Devotion


Bro Andrew Richard's new Devotional "The Right Way" is a new inspirational devotion from the series Walking with the Lord.Bro Andrew Richard's new Devotional "The Right Way" is a new inspirational devotion from the series Walking with the Lord.


The more we depend on our inner thoughts to choose what we want in our life, the broader is the way that is leading to death. One wrong choice can affect many aspects of our life. If we don’t choose God in our life, there is every likelihood that we are dying spiritually every day without our knowledge and by the time we realize it, we are almost dead. It is better to surrender our ways to God. The Bible says to commit our ways to the Lord so that He will bring our desires to pass. All of us have our desires and wishes but only if we commit them to God’s will, will we have the ways of life and abundance.

A man has many ways which he thinks are right and justified. If someone thinks that their conscience is not judging them, then they have chosen the right way. Some are not bothered whether God approves of what is happening in their conscience. A thief or a wicked person thinks that his ways are just, but God disapproves of it. Everything that we consider as right and just may not be always right and just with God. It may be ways that lead to death in many ways and not just physical death.

There will be many people around us to guide us and to counsel us on what to study, which career to choose, whom to marry, which car to buy, etc., and if we keep God out of our plans and ways, we should also be prepared to walk the path of a slow, eventual death. Let God have His way in our life. Allow Him to guide you so that you will walk only in the paths of life and life everlasting.

Bro Andrew Richard