Bro Andrew Richard's new devotion - Season for Everything

Season for Everything


Bro Andrew Richard's new Devotion

Bro Andrew Richard's new Devotion "Season for Everything" is an inspirational devotion from the series, Dream Big.

To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Desperate moments are those moments when things don’t happen when they should. That is when we question the existence of God and His purpose in our life. We seem to think that He has forgotten us halfway through, but the Bible says that there are a season and a time for everything under the heaven.

Why do things happen as they happen and why do things don’t happen when we want it to happen? Why are some promoted and blessed and why are some at the same level as they were 10 years ago? So many questions come up in our mind that we begin to fret and worry and question finally leading ourselves into despair and frustration. Whatever happens is not in our control, but if that is how God wants it for us then it is deemed best to surrender to God our lives as well as our plans. His word says that He makes all things beautiful in His time. All things mean just everything that you can think or dream of. It can be your promotion which is long due or your dream house or the marriage that you are looking forward to or the new dimension in the ministry, etc. You just have to wait for His time.

Continue your walk with the Lord in steadfast hope. Dream big things but commit them to God. Do not force happen things in your life. Wait for His perfect time and season and not for your time or season.

Bro Andrew Richard