Bro Andrew Richard Daily Devotion - You Are A Royal Priesthood

Bro Andrew Richard Daily Devotion


Revelation 1:5-6 Jesus Christ, the Faithful Witness, the Firstborn from the dead… to Him Who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own Blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father.

We have a new identity in Christ. Jesus is the faithful witness and the conqueror of death. He extends His love to us, washing away our sins through His sacrificial blood. Through this act of love, He not only redeems us but promotes us to a position of royalty and priesthood.

The title “faithful witness” reminds us that Jesus is the perfection of truth and reliability. His resurrection, being the firstborn from the dead, demonstrates His victory over sin and death. In His love, He cleanses us from our sins, offering redemption and a fresh start.

Through His sacrifice, His children are not only forgiven; but promoted to the position of kings and priests before God. We were once separated by sin. However, we are now part of a royal priesthood, able to approach God with confidence and intercede on behalf of others. We are the ambassadors for His kingdom.

Let these verses be a reminder of the love that washed away our sins and the high status we hold. Let us live in the reality of our redeemed identity, exercising the authority and privilege granted through the precious blood of Jesus.